What are e-vouchers and how to use them

You can buy an electronic voucher from many different types of businesses these days. Whilst e vouchers were originally exclusive to retailers, many businesses in the service industry are seeing the benefits of turning their service into a gift. E vouchers can be in the form of monetary value or an experience- otherwise known as experience gift vouchers.

E vouchers are usually sent to customers by email sometimes SMS, often with a personalised message.

A lot of people are using e-vouchers these days, as they can be purchased and sent to recipients that same day.

There is an additional benefit of working with e vouchers. They offer instant access to deals and promotions on the go and make a great alternative to paper vouchers.

Are e vouchers secure?

As your customers can use e vouchers to purchase valuable goods and services, it’s imperative that your e-voucher system has necessary security measures in place. This is to help prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of the information received.

One of the reasons why it's important to keep information such as your passwords secure is that if they're easy for other people to access, it makes your account more vulnerable.

The generated e-codes should be stored in a safe and secure place using high level encryption to avoid data being intercepted during transmission.

You should be able to track the delivery of all e-vouchers provided by your system. Either through a tracking service or by receiving management information about deliveries.