Our Integration

Connect your business with thousands of local payment methods through one API. The first integration is performed within a sandbox environment, once these tests are finished, we'll prepare a live account for real payments and other financial operations.

To support our merchants according to the industry standards we are using sophisticated payment gateway software which has following key features:

PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

We assure your card data protection will be at the highest level.


Architecture of transaction processing

Module architecture to scale horizontally and to add more processing resources.


User friendly interface

Interface that created to be aimed at maximum user convenience.


Division of Duties

Segregation of staff access roles according to their duties.


Reporting system and exporting of data to file

Transaction processing data can be extracted from databases, organized into reports and downloaded from the dashboard.


All maintained transaction types

Range of transaction types to support merchant’s business needs, e.g. payment, refund, chargeback, credit.


Built in anti-fraud tool

Effective fraud detection solution capable of real-time, actionable alerts.


Different methods of integration

Hosted payment page (mobile optimized) or Direct API integration


Logs journal

System that collects and manages all the transaction logs.


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